What is a fully managed payroll service?

Our fully managed service is one where all of the aspects of setting up and running the payroll for your business or organisation are dealt with for you. You get the data to us in an agreed manner and format and to an agreed timetable and we process that data for you, making all the necessary submissions, payments and reporting. The DMP team consultant assigned to your account is your go to person, you are able to contact with questions, and carry out all of this processing for you. The DMP consultant becomes an extension to your business where you and your finance staff are able to focus your time on running the business rather than on an area that needs specialist expertise.

What is involved in managing my payroll?

On a periodic basis your data, including starters, leavers and variable pay details, is received by us and initially validated. Once all data appears to be complete it is input into our systems and the necessary calculations are carried out. The DMP team then checks the results of that processing before sending to you for final checking and authorisation, if required. Payslips are then produced and reports run. The payslips are made available to your employees and the reports are forwarded to you.

If we are authorised to make the salary and other payments on your behalf then these are input into your banks payments system for payment on the agreed dates. At the end of each tax year the year-end processes are run and Tax File PAYG Group Certificates are produced for your staff.

All of the above is carried out using ATO compliant software.

Why does it make sense to outsource my payroll?

Payroll is a specialist business process that needs a level of expertise in order to get it right. The consequence of getting it wrong is an unhappy workforce and that will have a detrimental effect on your business.

Outsourcing payroll ensures that expertise is available other than from within your business or organisation and gives you and your team time to focus on other aspects of the business.

How much does your managed payroll service cost?

We charge an initial set up fee, depending on the size of the payroll and on complexity of the arrangements to be carried out. In terms of the periodic payroll processing there is a fixed charge per payslip, which includes all of the costs relating to your payroll. A quotation for dealing with your payroll can be obtained by filling out and submitting the quote request form, or contacting our office to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.