Payroll FAQ

How do you deal with the transfer from my current payroll arrangements?

Switching to DMP couldn’t be easier, we assist you with the transfer from your current arrangements and ensure you are not left in a position of not being able to process payroll during the transition.

We will guide you on when to give notice on any contractual arrangements and on what data we require to get things started. For larger payrolls we recommend a period of parallel running so that both parties are confident all data has been passed across correctly and all policies, such as relating to holidays and sickness, have been set up properly.

How do I get the data to you to process the payroll?

Data can be sent to us in a variety of ways and we cater for the form that is best for you. We will initially agree a processing timetable so that you know what is required and when.

At all times the security of your data is paramount and that will guide the decisions taken.

What about the superannuation contributions that need deducting?

Superannuation contributions and other third party deductions are dealt with as part of the periodic processing as long as we have the necessary details. Reports for contributions deducted can be made to the relevant superannuation companies and payments for all deductions can be made to the relevant parties.

What payroll reporting will I get?

We have an extensive range of standard payroll reports and will work with you initially to ensure you have the full range of reports to meet your needs. Bespoke reports can also be set up for you.

How are payslips provided for employees?

Payslips are provided in either sealed paper form or as electronic payslips. More and more businesses and organisations are using e-payslips as their staff usually have some form of internet access. In this way security is enhanced as well as saving on the use of paper, time and postage.

How do you deal with making sure the payroll data is secure?

Not only do we have extensive security measures on both our physical buildings and on our computer systems we also provide the means to send encrypted emails between our clients and us. This means data can be passed back and forth without risk of unauthorized access. In addition the ability to create and store electronic payslips on a secure site means they are also suitably protected.

I’m an accountant; can DMP run payrolls for my clients?

We have several successful arrangements with accountants where we run payroll and Superannuation obligations for their clients. In some cases we deal with their clients direct; in other cases everything is sent to the accountant who deals with the client. In all cases copies of all reports go to the accountants so that they have a record for management accounts and year end accounts purposes.

Are there any specific business types for which DMP has special arrangements?

The DMP payroll bureau is used to dealing with all sizes of payrolls from all industries and sectors. We operate two specialist teams for Recruitment/Labour Agencies and for Schools/Academies and RTOs. Both have aspects that require knowledge beyond that of basic payroll processing and team members are suitably trained and experienced.

Do you have any sort of guarantee about payrolls you run?

Our Managed Payroll Service terms and conditions set out comprehensive obligations between our clients and us. Any failure on our part in relation to those will be dealt with under those terms.