DMP Consulting

DMP Consulting’s web payroll service – bringing our office to your desk.

Have you been thinking of outsourcing your company’s payroll?

Are you wrestling with complex, ever-changing HR rules, Government Laws and ATO regulations?

DMP Consulting eliminates all payroll related paperwork from your desk, reduces your payroll costs and the time consuming task of managing payroll, employee benefits, human resources (HR), worker’s compensation coverage , payroll accounting and payroll tax compliance issues.

“DMP Consulting gives you the key solution to free up your time so you can focus on your core business”.


DMP Consulting is an online payroll services company, providing service and advice to large and small businesses’ processing all types of payroll services such as: construction payroll, hospitality payroll including restaurant payroll, professional payroll, temporary staffing, franchise payroll, retail payroll, medical payroll, payroll accounting, manufacturing payroll plus time and attendance payroll software.

Processing and Reports

DMP Consulting provides payroll processing and payroll management reports tailored to your needs regardless of the complexities your business may require, such as: ATO tax payroll reporting, job cost payroll, departmental payroll, certified payroll reports based on region, location, etc. We offer remote payroll check printing if needed. We can assist you in producing payroll reports to suit the requirements of your company accounting firm and the ATO.